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LED Lighting

In the past purchasing a replacement light bulb was relatively simple.

All you needed to know was, the wattage and the fitting. You had little or no choice of colour and the life expectancy was relatively short, often less than 1500 hours of use.

However today, with the more efficient and sophisticated lamps that are available, life can be a bit more complicated.

Low energy lamps (CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps) are cheaper to run than the older style incandescent or halogen bulbs, but are very limiting.

They often have a slow start up, meaning you have to wait for them to reach full brightness. The saving you make is minimal often less than 30%, they are not dimmable (without the installation of expensive regulators) and are industrial looking at best.

LED (Light Emmiting Diode) lamps are instant start, come in a full range of colours, and shades, come in a multi variety of styles, can be dimmable, have a very long life expectancy ( around 30,000 hours of use) and really do save you up to 92% in crunning costs, in comparison with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

However the choice can be confusing; Wattage, Kelvin, Lumens, Dimmable/Non Dimmable and Fitting.

On a lot of packaging of LED lamps the most prominent information is the wattage. However this can be misleading. What the consumer should be looking at is the Lumens equivalent.
This is the measure of light the lamp actually emits. The better quality the lamp, the more lumens is emited per watt of power used. So what appears to be a very cheap 5W replacement lamp turns out to be a disapointment, is not a true replacement of the original incandescent or halogen bulb and does not have the expected life span.

It is also important to know what type of white light you want. A soft warm white for relaxing areas or a strong cold white for work areas.
This measurement is known as Kelvin.
Typically a soft warm white would be 2500 – 2700 Kelvin and a strong cold white would be 5500 – 6000 Kelvin.

When looking at an LED replacement of a typical GU10 40W halogen downlight.
The correct choice from A1 SafeSecure Electricians would be:
GU10 3 Watts, 300 Lumens at 2700 Kelvin and 30,000 hours of life expectancy
Thus giving over 90% energy saving
The only other choice would be whether or not you want a dimmable version.

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