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Looking for a good electrician is not an easy task. You have big companies all the way down to the small individual man and a van. So what is it you should be looking for when hiring your electrician?

Being a good electrician is no joke. Aside from having a really high-risk job, the responsibilities that come with the job are also enormous. If an electrician is not good, he could cause an entire house to burn down – most probably setting on fire a lifetime of savings, with possible risk to life.

An electrician is therefore expected to be of supreme knowledge and expertise. It is his responsibility to ensure that he is competent before he handles a job. Below is a list of the most basic things a good electrician is expected to know and have.


An electrician’s qualifications are the best way to make sure that a client is hiring the best possible expert for his need. Prior to acquiring qualifications, an electrician must undergo schooling, training and an examination to prove that he has the proper understanding and both the basic and advanced knowledge of his field. It is scary and dangerous to hire a supposed electrician who is unqualified – your building/house cannot pass safety standards when you employ one to install your electrical connections. Also, in case of an electrical fire, you may not be able to claim from your insurance company if you cannot produce proof that the expert you hired is indeed certified and knowledgeable on the proper safety procedures. As an electrician, having qualifications is like having a badge to prove your good reputation in your work field. With over 25 years experience in the UK and, now in our 8th year in Spain. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are not only fully qualified to City & Guild standard but have a wealth of experience.


Let’s face it – an electrician’s job ranks among the top ten riskiest jobs ever. They handle high voltage wires, climb up tall ladders, electric posts, roofs and ceilings, and repair faulty wiring under high risk of a short circuit. Unless they were hired to install a house’s or building’s entire electrical system, clients won’t really need services unless there is already an existing problem. It is therefore a wise move (both for an electrician and for the client’s sake) to get insurance. First, in case something happens to the electrician, he will be assured of insurance coverage. Next, for the peace of mind of the customer, it is best to hire an electrician which he does not have to worry about – in case something does happen to him in the line of duty, in his property. It’s also generally a wise idea to get insurance – because aside from the benefits one gets after an accident, no fake electrician (maybe just an all-around-handyman) will plunk in big bucks to pay insurance premium. In short, having insurance is like announcing that “I am an electrician, and I’m mighty proud and serious to be one!” A1 SafeSecure Electricians carry full public liability insurance.


The knowledge related to the job of an electrician is always evolving – there are always new developments that concern his work that are invented each year. New products, new safety devices, new power-saving technology, new kinds of wires, cables and tools – name it. It is therefore a good idea to always keep abreast of these new things – especially if these help him carry on a more efficient job. A good electrician does not stop researching on his field. If possible, he must try to take classes to obtain new knowledge and acquire new skills and education. These help keep him updated on new trends which he is expected to apply in his work. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are experts in the latest very low energy LED equipment and keep up to date with all the rules and regulations affecting our industry.


It’s great to maintain a body of work you can be proud of – and be able to brag about. A good set of clients is like a collection of medals – they are proof of an electrician’s excellent past work. It is rare for loyal clients to seek a different electrician for every job they need done – unless the job is not within the same field of expertise. So, most probably, “once a client, always a client” applies to the world of electricians – well, until they blotch up a job and he ends up completely dropped off from the client’s list of experts. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are proud of our list of customers. We will be happy to put you in contact with any of them, private or business and we are sure they will give A1 SafeSecure Electricians a glowing reference.